Character Sheet: Ryuun

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Character Sheet: Ryuun

Post by THE DRAGON on Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:27 am

Username: THE DRAGON

Character Name: Ryuun

Character Title: The Predator.

Character Age: 18

Rank in Society: Unknown, to be discovered.

Realm/Location: Spirit Academy, Nablu.

Homeland: Nablu.

Occupation: Student

Species or Race: Immortal.

Gender: Male.

Character Description:
Eye colour: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Distinguishing marks: Mark of the predator of Nablu, which a glowing scar located on his back.
Clothing/attire: student attire

Behaviour: Kind and confused during the day. At night... cold and ruthless.

History: To be discovered

Skills: To be revealed.

Weapons: currently none.

Spirit: The Predator of nablu

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