Character Sheet: Carter

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Character Sheet: Carter

Post by THE DRAGON on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:20 am

Username: THE DRAGON

Character Name: Carter Daiki.

Character Title: The awakened.

Character Age: 18.

Rank in Society: commoner.

Realm/Location: Spirit Academy.

Homeland: Nablu.

Occupation: Student, nomad

Species or Race: Immortal.

Gender: Male.

Character Description:
Eye colour: Grey
Hair color: Dark brown
Distinguishing marks: none
Clothing/attire: Facial appearance in image below (student attire not included):

Behaviour: Keeps to himself and is scarred when it comes to talking about his his homeland and its history. Is kind and Caring but secretive and avoids socializing.

History: To be discovered

Skills: Master of park-our, master of stealth, master gun wielder and swordsman, master marksman, master of being both an idiot and stubborn, master of red energy, master of Lightning and nature elemental magics, unnatural regenerative power. Can communicate with the dead and the trees.

Weapons: Blade of Endarin

Spirit: Endarin. Class: Treant-like humanoid, God.

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