Character: Jacob

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Character: Jacob

Post by THE DRAGON on Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:37 am

Username: THE DRAGON

Character Name: Jacob Black.

Character Title: DeathWing.

Character Age: 18.

Rank in Society: Noble, Alpha class.

Realm/Location: Spirit Academy.

Homeland: Nablu.

Occupation: Student

Species or Race: Mortal

Gender: Male.

Character Description:
Eye colour: red (Right eye), Black (Left eye)
Hair color: black
Distinguishing marks: none
Clothing/attire: in images below (Appreance inspiratrion included, minus scars, hair color and eyes):

Behaviour: natural charm, puts himself first and would manipulate anyone to get what he wanted - mostly women, would sacrifice anything to become stronger, is cold and brutal and a monster in combat, extremely vicious when crossed. A typical sociopath.

History: To be discovered

Skills: Master of park-our, master of stealth, master gun wielder and swordsman, master marksman, master of being both an idiot and stubborn. Can control darkness, fire and air through his spirit.

Weapons: Blade of Kurou

Spirit and spirit type: Kurou, Dragon God

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