Chapter 1: Initiation

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Chapter 1: Initiation

Post by THE DRAGON on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:28 pm

A boy wakes up in the forest, clothes shredded and torn. He is 17. Alone.... yet not alone.
He has been running.... running from a hunter. A predator of the forest whom knows it like the back of its paw, or hand, or claw, or hoof.
Eventually, the boy is cornered, and nearly killed... but he escapes. How, he does not remember.
The next he knows, he wakes up in a bed, in garbs he does not know of, and surrounded by nurses and doctors.
They ask for his name, but he remembers nothing.
They ask his name... he simply rolls his eyes, and closes them, not answering.
6 months later
The same teenage boy is now in a school uniform at the beginning of a new year, on a train, a backpack strapped to his shoulders and  suitcase in one hand.
They boy's destination is a site of quite renown on the planet of Nablu: an academy of unorthodox teachings and supports beliefs in the impossible and supernatural... it is called SA, or Spirit Academy.
It is the year 2177 on Nablu, the technologically advanced colonized planet filled with mystery and death and beauty, and Kader's story has just begun.

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